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Digital Design with FPGA Diploma Round 2

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Course Description: The goal of this course is to make any student don’t have experience or knowledge in digital design & FPGA, to be experienced in Digital electronics flow techniques using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). We will discuss FPGA architecture, digital design flow using FPGAs & Verilog coding guidelines. The course study will involve lab projects to give students hands-on experience on designing basic digital blocks, and implement & debug complex design applications as video processing, machine learning, etc.… using FPGAs. We will discuss timing violations and analyze power using ISE & Vivado IDE on Sparten-6 Board & Zynq-7000 FPGA Development kit. Target audience & Pre-requisites: • Students or Engineers having knowledge in Digital logic and familiar with any programming language like c. Course duration: • 12 days (48 hours – 4 hours per day – online). • 5 days (35 hours – 7 hours per day – onsite). • Total: 17 days (83 hours) Course Objectives After completing this course, you will be able to: ➢ Verilog Knowledge • How Verilog fits into the FPGA or ASIC design flow • How to use the Verilog language for hardware design and logic synthesis • How to write thorough Verilog text fixtures to verify your designs • How to avoid common mistakes when coding Verilog for synthesis ➢ HDL Synthesis and Implementation on FPGA • Use ISE IDE to create FPGA project on Sparten-6 development Kit. • Describe the Digital design flows in the industry. • Use the ISE IDE I/O Planning layout to perform pin assignments. • Synthesize and implement the HDL design. • Apply clock and I/O timing and physical constraints. • Implementing Digital design systems using Verilog HDL. • Be Familiar with Architecture of FPGA and basic elements of FPGA. • Basic Digital Design Concepts. • Practical practice on real implementation of combinational and sequential circuits runtime on FPGA ➢ Acceleration FPGA Design • Use ISE IDE to create FPGA project on Sparten-6 development Kit. • Use the New Project Wizard to create a new Vivado IDE project. • Describe the supported design flows of the Vivado IDE. • Generate a DRC report to detect and fix design issues early in the flow. • Use the Vivado IDE I/O Planning layout to perform pin assignments. • Synthesize and implement the HDL design with multiple options. • Apply clock and I/O timing constraints and perform timing analysis. • Use the Vivado logic analyzer and debug flows to debug a design. • Describe and use the clock resources in a design. • Identify synchronous design techniques. • Build resets into your system for optimum reliability and design speed. • Apply timing exception constraints in a design as part of the Baselining procedure to fine tune the design. • Create and package your own IP and add to the Vivado IP catalog to reuse. • Use the Vivado IP integrator to create a block design. • Debug a design with multiple clock domains with the help of multiple debug cores using the Vivado logic analyzer. • Describe how Power Analysis is done. • Apply baseline constraints to determine if internal timing paths meet design timing objectives. • Use Vivado Design Suite reports and utilities to full advantage, especially the Clock Interaction report.11

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Digital Design with FPGA Diploma Round 2
Eng. Omar Amin Mohamed