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Full Stack with Laravel Diploma Round 3

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      3500 جنيه
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      190 دولار $
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      240 دقيقة
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      80 ساعة
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معلومات عن الكورس
Description: Designed to get you hired, this immersive full stack developer course online features best-in-class live training, learn-by-doing and more. Build a solid foundation as you go from zero programming experience to gaining immediately demonstrable full stack skills to impress top tech recruiters and land a tech job in a product-based company. Gain a deep understanding of how to build, deploy, secure and scale programs and build expertise across the user interface, business logic and database stacks. Learn by doing, and experience working on projects that simulate real-world web development. You’ll dive deeper into topics and techniques via independent and group projects, receive individualized feedback, support from expert trainers, and gain real-world work experience to prepare for day one of your job as a full stack developer. Course Objective: • Learn Programming from Scratch. • Learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and Laravel all from scratch. • How to build your own beautiful Modern Responsive website using Bootstrap. • Learn PHP for server code execution. • Build a web application-based website. • Real life projects will be shown and how to implement them. • After completing this course, one will be ready for job market. • This course provides career goal and path in the web development sector.1

كورسات أخري للسنتر
Full Stack with Laravel Diploma Round 3
Gameel Alshaer
6 of October