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Verilog R2

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      550 جنيه
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      18 ساعة
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معلومات عن الكورس
Verilog Language Course Overview Verilog training is an essential course for taking a jump start in Digital design domain. Verilog is a hardware description languages, it helps the IC designer to convert a project from the application level to the hardware level. Verilog is widely used in electronic design automation. This comprehensive course commences by introducing FPGA structure. Advance digital design concepts are delivered to build the foundation for understanding Verilog language. The course explains the use of Verilog language in logic design and its code structure. Participants gain the understanding and building skills of Verilog constructs that can be synthesized into programmable logic device hardware. The learning curve encompasses ModelSIM. Upon the completion of training, you will be proficient in the following skill set: • Learn about Verilog and different design levels • Distinguish coding between primitive, data flow, behavioral and structural programming • Explore state machine and machine designing • Manage designs using ModelSIM. • Process of synthesis of Verilog. • Area Optimization techniques. • Clock Domains problems in synthesis. • Static Timing Analysis, and time closure. • Understanding the FPGA Structure. Time line course: The VERILOG Course Period: 18 hours (2Sessions in week 3 hours per Session) Total Sessions: 6 Sessions1

كورسات أخري للسنتر
Verilog R2
Eng. Abdallah Mahmoud Abostait