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Embedded Systems

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معلومات عن الكورس
Embedded Systems content: 1- Introduction to Embedded System >>>>>> 12hr 2- C programing >>>>>>>>>> 28hr 3- Embedded Systems tools >>>>>>> 4hr 4- Computer and processors architecture >>>>>> 16hr 5- Microcontroller interface 1 >>>>>>> 12hr 6- Microcontroller interface 2 >>>>>>> 16hr 7- Embedded C >>>>>>>> 8hr 8- Automotive Bus technology >>>> 8hr 10- Testing & RTOS >>>> 12hr 11- Software engineering >>>>> 8hr COURSE OBJECTIVES • Develop an understanding of the technologies behind the embedded computing systems. • To introduce students to the design issues of embedded systems. • Enable students to analyze and develop software programs for embedded systems COURSE OUTCOMES After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to Understand hardware and software design requirements of embedded systems. Analyze the embedded systems’ specifications and develop software programs. Evaluate the requirements of programming Embedded Systems, related software architectures, and toolchain for Embedded Systems Timeline course: The Embedded Systems Course Period: 124 + Hours (4 hours per Session) Price: 2000 L.E1

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Embedded Systems
Eng. Gameel Elshaer